“Honor the Fallen, Remember the Rest”

Our nation honors all of our fallen soldiers each year on Memorial Day. In addition, the month of May is both Military Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. This race was originally established in 2012 to honor all of the fallen soldiers our nation mourns as well as to remember the service members, veterans and their loved ones who serve our country. 

Many of our soldiers who return from the battlefield bring home PTSD, combat stress and other invisible wounds of war. This can also affect their spouses, children, friends, and other loved ones. Suicides among our veterans are at an alarming level, and spouse suicide is a growing epidemic. 

Early prevention is the key to stopping the progressive nature of the invisible wounds of war. Courage Beyond programs provide the support our warriors and their family members need to assist them in reversing the downward spiral created by PTSD and other mental health issues they face. 

Join us for the Beyond the Battlefield 5K/10K on Saturday, May 23rd! Not only will you honor our fallen soldiers as part of your Memorial Day weekend activities, but you will also help remember those who have returned and their loved ones who need our help!

All proceeds from this race will be used to directly provide confidential, no-cost or low-cost programs and services to our nation’s military members and their families. Learn more at www.CourageBeyond.org.